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Important Factors When Looking For an LED Screen Rental Service

Posted by on Aug 31, 2016

Hosting a unique and dynamic event can be quite hectic if not well prepared for. As we all know, a successful event has to be engaging and compelling to grab the attention of the audience. To do so, having impressive visual elements is crucial. That’s why you will find many event organizers investing heavily in LED screens.  In Led screen rental, The good thing is doesn’t have to buy all those screens for just a single event.


Rising LED screen rental service

As the LED screen rental industry continues to grow, you can find numerous affordable deals. If you are planning on hosting an event, be it a rally, concert or festival, adding to its dimension with some amazing LED screens will be important. When doing so, choosing the best LEDs for your event will equally be important. Not all screens will be perfect for your event. It is thus advisable to check the quality of the screen being offered to see how perfect they are for your event. Here are some key parameters to look out for.

Led screen rental


Check LED screen type

Most rental service providers have a wide array of LED screens that you could choose from. Diodes differ and so is the resolution of images. Some types of LEDs will be perfect for indoor events while others offer better images even when outside. Ideally, the comfortable screen brightness for indoor events should oscillate around 700cd/m2 to 2500cd/m2. If you are planning for an outdoor event, the screen brightness ability should be around 5000cd/m2 to 7000cd/m2. It will thus be important to check such details with rental company first.

Led screen rental


Expert staff

When you hire LED screens, this is always mandatory that they send their staff with you for simpler installations. A team will a proven track record will spare you the blushes. You never know when an accident may happen. The good thing with having an experienced team is that it always has a backup plan. They know when to change the dimension of the visuals, where to position the screen and how to handle sound for a successful event. You should just check some of the past events that were successfully handled by such teams to avoid embarrassing your bosses with poor quality visuals.

Led screen rental


Capacity and insurance cover

The LED screen rental service is still on the rise and you want to make sure that you settle for only the best. Some providers have excellent screens, but maybe limited to certain sizes of events. Additionally, you have to make sure that such screen are insured together with other electronic gadgets that come with them. You don’t want to find yourself in a mess when things go wrong. You should even carefully read policies before having to hire a certain provider. Checking the price will also determine if it’s cost effective or not.

Finally, LED screens can transform any event into exciting moments by clearly capturing all that is needed. With the price of buying of the screens still high, opting for rental services remains the only viable option. Check out key parameters of each provider to ensure that you settle for the best and most cost effective one.

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